Atorvastatin vs. Simvastatin

While the CSE inhibitor atorvasatin slows the progression of atherosclerosis, vasodilator disease continues to advance under simvastatin, according to the ASAP study recently presented by scientists in Amsterdam.

In the ASAP study (Effects of versus Simvasatin on Atherosclerosis Progression), two CSE inhibitors were directly compared for the first time, according to a press release from Pfizer. The investigation should clarify whether intensive lipid-lowering therapy in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia can slow down the progression of atherosclerosis more than a recognized standard therapy.

In addition, 325 patients receiving either 80 mg atorvastatin or 40 mg simvastatin received daily for two years. In addition, caregivers could administer cholestyramine to their patients as needed, provided that total cholesterol did not drop below 308 mg / dl. At the beginning of the study and after one and two years, the thickness of the intima and media of the carotid ateries was determined by ultrasound.

During the study period, atorvastatin decreased LDL levels by 51 percent and simvastatin by 41 percent, Pfizer reports. By contrast, HDL scores rose by an average of 13 percent in both groups. According to the manufacturer, atorvastatin also reduced the mean intimal and medial thickness of 66 percent of patients. On the other hand, simvastatin was found to have thicker vessel walls than before study. The influence of the two regimens on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality has not been studied. However, according to Pfizer, more studies have started.

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